Hydroponics is a method of planting crops without the use of soil, plants are being nourished by using mineral nutrient solutions in proper dosage and pH. For those who want to start hydroponics, this tutorial is for you. Step by step video tutorial by Katanim @Marvin Baeza

Part 1 : Preparing Growing Medium

Preparing Hydroponics medium is an essential part of hydroponics process as this will serve as plant's main house and reservoir for nutrient solution.

Part 2 : Seed Germination(2-7 days)

After the preparation of the growing medium, we can now start to germinate the seeds, moist tissue or cocopeat so far is the best choice to germinate seeds as these materials retain good amount of humidity.

Part 3 : Introduce to Half Strength Nutrient Solution (5 up to 10 days)

Introducing to a half strength solution is a process so that plants can adjust on waterlogged condition.

Part 4 : Transplanting to Styro Cups (5 days)

When true leaves appears, it is the time to start the transplanting from seedling tray to styro cup.

Part 5 : Transferring to Grow Box / How to Dilute Nutrihydro Formula (30 days)

When the lettuce hardening process finished, we can now transfer the seedlings to the final media and wait for 20 - 30 days before harvesting.

Part 6 : Miscellaneous